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Upcoming Events

Please excuse us for any omissions. And please accept that there is no preference being given to what initiatives are receiving space on our website, but rather reflects what is readily accessible to the volunteer that is making an effort to make local events and initiatives more accessible to friends of the Berkshire-Taconic Branch.

Save the Date! 

Large Michaelmas Gathering being planned for

Saturday, September 29, 4pm to 7pm,
Mettabee Farm and Arts


In Celebration Of The Human Heart : An Answer To The Dragon Of Our Time

For friends of all ages, families welcome, child care provided.
More information and schedule of activities to come, but please mark you calendar and plan to join in!

Sponsored by your Berkshire-Taconic Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. 

September 2018 Meetings and Events

Branch Initiative Meeting
Fridays, September 7 & 21, 3pm
All are invited who wish to take an active part in the life of our Branch of the Anthroposophical Society, or just learn more about it. We begin each meeting with a verse before engaging in brief study of a letter from The Life, Nature, and Cultivation of Anthroposophy. Contact the editor or anyone listed as a participant in the group on the mailer page of this month's Chanticleer newsletter. At Windy Hill.

Staying Connected Study Group
Tuesday, September 11, 7:30pm
The Staying Connected Study Group will continue discussions of lectures in the collection Life Beyond Death, a selection of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner. On this evening we will discuss Lecture 12, “Concerning the Affinity of the Living and the Dead,” given in Berlin, February 5, 1918. We meet at the home of Gloria Kemp and Margaret Rosenthaler, 518-672-4844 or 4253.

Theme of the Year Branch Study Group
Friday, September 14, 7:30pm
Everyone is welcome! All are invited to participate in the study of the 2018-2019 Theme of the Year. Please prepare ahead for the meeting by studying the following text: The Christmas Day 1923 address by Steiner, “The Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Anthroposophical Society,” also with emphasis on the address of Saturday the 29th and the rhythm for that day. Call Nick at 518.392.1014.

Anthroposophic Meditation Workshop
Friday, September 14, 7pm to Sunday, September 16, 1:30pm
How do I come into a meditative deepening that connects me to my own spiritual source? In meditation you find a place of inner quiet. You become centered and enlivened. In the course we explore many facets of anthroposophic meditation, always followed by a sharing of our experiences. On Saturday afternoon we will go out into nature and practice perceiving the nature spirits at work there. Agnes Hardorp and Thomas Mayer have been teaching courses in anthroposophic meditation in Europe for the past 14 years.
Friday 7pm
Saturday 9:30am–6:30pm;
Sunday 9:30am–
At Mettabee Farm, 551 Harlemville Road, Hillsdale, NY. For more information:
Course fee: $150, for Friday night only $30; To register send an email to:

The Prophetic Times Are Now:
Rudolf Steiner’s Perspectives on Technology and Human Evolution,
Presentation by Gary Lamb
Friday, September 14, 7:30 pm
Gary, along with Virginia Hermann and Martin Miller, are working on a compendium of Rudolf Steiner’s indications on technology, and he will share some key findings in this presentation. Steiner’s perspectives, which are intimately connected to human and earth evolution, will be presented in the context of modern-day and future technology. An openness to, or a familiarity with, the basic principles of Spiritual Science and Christianity will be helpful for appreciating this presentation. Suggested donation: $5.00 to $20.00. Proceeds from this event will go to the support of the Christian Community Church and the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research and its Ethical Technology Initiative (www. At the Christian Community Church, 10 Green River Lane, Hillsdale, NY If you plan to attend, please RSVP Gary by Thursday, September 13, at, or 518-672-4465, ext. 223.

Hawthorne Valley Community Festival Chorus
will start up rehearsals again on Sunday, September 16, at 4:00 pm in the Music Room of Hawthorne Valley School. All voices are welcome. For details call Diane Barnes at 518-325-1113.

Nature Spirits Study Group
Wednesday, September 19, 7:00pm
We will continue/review lecture eight and begin lecture nine of Nature Spirits: Selected Lectures by Rudolf Steiner at the home of Christiana Williams 83-7 May Hill Rd. near Harlemville. For information and directions call 518-672-4332.

Friday, Sept. 21, 7:30pm: Where Does an Animal End? The American Bison, talk by Craig Holdrege
Saturday, Sept 22, 9am to 4pm: Learning to See the Animal, with Craig and Henrike Holdrege
In September 1998, our community of friends attended the founding celebration of The Nature Institute. This year, we invite you to celebrate with us the first two decades of our work. At The Nature Institute, on Friday evening, after an introduction by Henrike Holdrege, Craig Holdrege will give a talk with slides on “Where Does an Animal End? The American Bison”. On Saturday, Craig and Henrike will offer a Michaelmas workshop on “Learning to See the Animal.” All workshop participants are asked to also attend the talk by Craig.
The workshop is free.
We will have a potluck lunch Saturday noon. Please bring a dish to share.
Please register for the workshop by September 17.
The Nature Institute, 20 May Hill Road, Ghent, NY; 518-672-0116

Poem, Tale or Fairy Tale? A Beginning exploration of Goethe and Novalis:
Saturday, September 22, at 10:00 in the morning!
(NOTE: This month only, session to be held on fourth Saturday, not the third Saturday.) Continuation of a gathering of those interested in exploring the offerings of Goethe and Novalis. (We will concentrate on Chapter 4 of Novalis novel.) At the home of Christiana Williams, 83-7 May Hill Road; 518-672-4332.

Celebration of the Michaelmas Festival and Honoring the Spiritual Beings in Nature
Saturday, September 22, 4:30
6pm, Pot Luck Supper begins at 6pm
We in our community will gather together to prepare healing substances for the good Earth, celebrate the festival, and recog- nize the Elemental Beings and the Spiritual Beings behind the creation of nature. Each festival is unique when we share thoughts about the festival, songs, poetry, music, eurythmy, or other artistic of- ferings. Children and adults alike are invited to participate. At the home of Christiana Williams, near Harlemville. Call 518-672-4332 .

The Festival Study Group
Friday, September 28, 7:30pm
The Festival Study Group will begin the season with a study of a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach on November 28, 1919. We have this lecture in the volume The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours, where it is, is Lecture 4 of Part 2. It also may be found in The Mission of the Archangel Michael: Revelation of Essential Secrets of the Human Being. At the home of Margaret Rosenthaler and Gloria Kemp (518) 672-4253 or 4844.

Branch Michaelmas Gathering: AN ANSWER TO THE DRAGON OF OUR TIME
Saturday, September 29, 4pm–7pm
At Mettabee Farm and Arts. See page 3 of September's Chanticleer.

Past Events

Please excuse us for any omissions. And please accept that there is no preference being given to what initiatives are receiving space on our website, but rather reflects what is readily accessible to the volunteer that is making an effort to make local events and initiatives more accessible to friends of the Berkshire-Taconic Branch.

Free Columbia Summer Courses

Summer 2018

July 2–6 Overview of Rudolf Steiner’s Sketches for Painters

July 9–13 Sunrise/Sunset: The 8th and 9th Sketch

See Free Columbia Page for details

Into the Invisible: Encounters in Aboriginal Australia

Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 7 pm

Michael Kokinos has worked in the remote and isolated communities of Arnhem Land, Northern Australia, for over 15 years. In a special evening presentation he will describe his extraordinary encounters among the ancient people of the great southern continent with images of their connection to land & sky and their particular expression of the Human Spirit through paintings, songs and stories of senior songmen and wisewomen. The effect of colonization has been devastating for Australia’s First People. Through his work, Michael recovers fragments of wholeness, bringing back specific aspects of the living dreamtime, which these elders have encouraged him to share.

Join SteinerBooks on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 7 pm, for a remarkable meeting at The Christian Community/Taconic Berkshire in Hillsdale, New York

10 Green River Lane, about 1/2 mile from the Massachusetts/New York border on Route 71


Understanding Technology and its Effects on Human Beings Workshop
Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15, 2018

Presented by: The Center for Social Research

The Center for Social Research's Ethical Technology Initiative presents: "Understanding Technology and Its Effects on Human Beings:  Computation, Human Thought, and Physiology,” an Interactive Workshop with Gopi Krishna Vijaya, PhD, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 14 and 15, at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School (330 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075).

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Conceptual System;
  • Machine Learning and the Internet of Things;
  • Boolean Algebra and Creative Thought;
  • Physiological Effects of Electrical, Magnetic, and Radioactive Fields;
  • Enhancement and Diminishing Effects of Computation on the Human Being.

    Full schedule and registration info here.

Free Columbia holds 3rd ART Convergence

July 16-22, 2018


Building upon the Art Conferences at the Basilica in Hudson NY 2010-12 and the Art Convergences of 2013 and 2017, Free Columbia has scheduled a gathering this summer — July 16-22 — of 16 artists from various places including California, England, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Vermont, as well as local artists from Columbia County, NY. These artists will 'converge' and work together for five days on the following questions:

  • What passes between us when we work together as artists?
  • What is it to create?
  • What is it to create together?

Artists will come to the Convergence willing to work with these questions artistically in collaboration with others. At the Convergence, time will be set aside each day for collegial conversation. The rest of the day will be dedicated to continuing artistic projects that may stimulate informal dialogue and/or collaboration. On Saturday, July 21st there will be a series of events in Philmont—performances, an exhibition, demonstrations and/or a panel discussion—that will be open to the public. Visit Free Columbia's website for updates.

Richard II by William Shakespeare

Directed by Melania Levitsky; Starring David Anderson
at the Hawthorne Valley School Hall
Preview: Wednesday, July 18, 7:30 pm
Evening Performances: July 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, & 28, 7:30 pm
Sunday Matinees: July 22 & 29, 2 pm

“Eurythmy Arise!”   A Family Exploration

July 29-August 4, 2018
at Mettabee Farm and Arts, Hillsdale, NY

Come join our experiment as we seek to discover what can arise and live in us through eurythmy  in a new setting: SUMMER CAMP!
 For a few days, we will form community together in service of learning eurythmy, the wonderous movement that is born out of the essence of the Creative Word. Our goal will be to find this movement in a way such that it could arise spontaneously in our everyday life, such as a chance for parents to open the day or close the day, transition into a new activity, to bring stillness and focus, a chance to engage their limbs in the spiritual forces of the heavens and of the earth.
 The children will have organized movement in the morning and in the afternoon time for farm work, recreation, learning to care for the sheep. So will the helping parents, though meal preparation will probably replace working in the garden. We’ll look to provide adult movement and conversation where we can find ourselves more strongly within balance and freedom to meet the creative forces of each new day and of our lives in general.  Other arts such as painting may be available in the afternoon. Final plans are not yet complete.
This first year of our eurythmy camp will be created “johnny on the spot.”
We need courageous families who can bring a helping spirit and a wish to engage in eurythmy for themselves and their children.
The camp will be held at the beautiful Mettabee Farm and Arts in the Harlemville, NY area:  ( We’ll be camping on the land, so plan to bring your tent. Local housing may be available if needed.
  It’s likely that we will be making most of our own meals, camp fires; interspersed activity between movement, talking, working, laughing, learning, swimming, relaxing in the awe of nature. Musical instruments are welcome.
The basis for this work will be Anthroposophy, where we can find a practical understanding of the whole human being that becomes viable in daily life.  Time to talk and explore aspects of this after the kids go to bed will be nurtured. We may try to bring in some home healing applications depending on level of interest.
Leading the camp:
 Toril  Alex, pedagogic eurythmist from Sweden, where she is currently involved in classroom teaching and the creation of artistic productions.  As a mother of five, she was previously involved in creating a homeschooling movement in Scandinavia, later providing humanitarian aid in eastern Europe and Russia, living and traveling extensively there with her family for 4-5 years.  She has her B.A. in eurythmy and has studied pedagogy, Russian, literature and musical science.
Cathy Sims-O’Neil, D.O.: anthroposophic physician, grandmother of two homeschooled children, and ever looking for ways to bring eurythmy out into the world.  “I’ve done eurythmy in the bathrooms of every hospital where I have ever worked.” She currently works as a neurologist in anthroposophic settings including Camphill, Waldorf  schools, and private practice.
    •    Designed for children 1st grade through 8th grade
    •    Limit will be 12 children
    •    No previous experience with Eurythmy is necessary
    •    Children and parents will be participating in eurythmy
    •    Children must come with a parent
    •    Plan on bringing your own tent
    •    Likely cost: $400 per family, including one parent and one child;
    •    More information to be available when we have our group of participants
    •    Arrival time: 4 pm Sunday, July 29th, 2018
    •    Camp ends after clean up and ending circle on Saturday morning, August 4
To sign up:  contact Cathy Sims-O’Neil at, 518-727-2903

About the Anthroposophical Society

The Anthroposophical Society has branches all over the world.  The society is an association of individuals interested in a clear understanding of the spirit, both in the great universe and in the human heart, and interested in bringing this understanding into practical life and relationships.  The society is not a theoretical undertaking, it is a pursuit into deeper experience of the greater world and human life.  Recently, Bodo von Plato, a member of the leadership in the society, expressed these two guiding stars of the society as follows-

To conceive of human relationships as actual spiritual life, to know, to experience spiritual reality concretely in these relationships and then to learn how to work with these realities, this is a central motif of the Anthroposophical Society...and this is connected with the very heartbeat of the anthroposophical society, the idea of the school of spiritual science, and the relationships with concrete spiritual beings that this school implies.  Once again, this is not a relationship to some abstract  spiritual world, it is a relationship to concrete spiritual beings that such a world consists of.

-Bodo von Plato
current member of the council of the International Anthroposophical Society

A weekend gathering dedicated to the study of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom in Harlemville.

The Home of the Branch

The Berkshire Taconic Branch, as the name suggests, is a branch of the international society that is growing in the area that straddles the line dividing Massachusetts and New York among the Berkshires and the Taconic Hills. 

The Branch Newsletter

The branch puts out a newsletter 10 months of each year called the Chanticleer.  The Chanticleer contains articles, art, poetry, announcements, a calendar and news relevant to anthroposophy, mostly contributed by members from our area.  This newsletter is an important aspect of the branch that helps us develop community awareness. 

To subscribe to the Chanticleer contact our editor, John Scott Legg, by e-mail-

Branch Activities

Our branch hosts a monthly meeting where anthroposophy is studied and discussed.  The branch also organizes, sponsors and hosts lectures, conferences, performances, art exhibits and festivals.  The Berkshire Taconic region area is full of initiative and activity inspired by anthroposophy.  These initiatives include waldorf schools, bio-dynamic farms, adult education inspired by anthroposophy for teachers, artists, scientists, therapists, social workers, Camphill Communities a congregation of the Christian Community and more.  The national society's Rudolf Steiner Library is located in our area.  You can contact Jordan Walker through this website if you have particular questions.

The School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science which has its center in Dornach Switzerland and is dedicated to research of the spiritual aspects of reality, is also active in our area.  To learn about this school you can call Hanna Kress at 518-325-3648 or John Barnes at 518-325-1113.




1030 Rte. 21 Ghent, N.Y. 12075