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Current Events


It is true that this website was not regularly updated with events since Covid-19 has shut down most all events, though I have recently added links for the E-News from the fall up to the present. 

Because so many events were canceled from March on, and we chose not to print a number of Chanticleer months this past year, and changed our print schedule to 4 larger festival versions of the Chanticleer each year.  This also saved us a good bit of money for the cost of printing, which is a help, as donations have been significantly lower this year as well.

The electronic Newsletters have been coming out every Monday, keeping everyone updated. We all can thank Ella for her dedicated work on that. There has been very little content for the Chanticleer these pasts months, with very few events and very few submissions of writing. It is really a matter of people in the community deciding that they will make submissions if the content of this newsletter will be rich and full, or sparse.  Reports from our local initiatives would be most welcome.  We would love to hear how work is evolving for the many initiatives in our area.

All submissions also should go through the branch email.

The admin for the website simply chose to let the website rest for the time being, and let the e-news do the main work for informing the community.  Things are back up to date now.

I hope the fact that the website has been resting has not caused anyone disappointment or inconvenience. 

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Chanticleer PDF Christmas 2020

* An Excerpt from an essay reviewing the book: 'Viral Illness and Epidemics in the Work of Rudolf Steiner' by Michael Ronall, Hamburg


Chanticleer  E-Newsletter — Dec 14, 2020

* Christmas Carol Sing - Outside Windy Hill Dec 19th, 3-4:15pm

* The Madonna Series, Paintings shown, Windy Hill, Dec 20th, 7pm

* Yes! You Can Have a Home Funeral, Saturday, January 23, 2021—11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Limited attendence. See flyer in the Newsletter

Chanticleer  E-Newsletter — Nov 16, 2020

In this month's newsletter:

  • 2020-2021 Appeal Letter
  • Camphill Ghent's Silent Auction Nov 15-22, 2020
  • Advent and the Spiritual Beings of Love - A series of 4 gatherings over Advent with Lisa Romero beginning: Saturday, November 28th at 4pm eastern time. -- An Inner Work Path event sponsored by EduCareDo

Announcing A New Children's Book

Tiny Tin Elf 
by Eric G. Müller
Illustrated by Ella Manor Lapointe

Gracie loves to visit her grandfather on his farm. One day she makes friends with an elf who shows her a secret in the old barn. There she meets the dwarf Keynotteroom who makes her aware of a task that only she can fulfill. When Gracie finds out what is stored away in the barn, and why, she is determined to take action. 

Tiny Tin Elf is Available through Alkion Press and other book retailers worldwide



743 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY 12534


FRIDAY - SUNDAY 11:30-5pm

Current Exhibition

featuring world-famous artist Judy Pfaff.

October 9th, 2020 - January 3rd, 2021

We are embedded in landscape. The spirit of place, or genius loci can be palpable in each landscape if we open ourselves to it. On the one hand this show is about finding and expressing the spirit that lives in landscape or a small place within it. The Hudson River School painters found the divine in nature and expressed the sublime in light, color and texture as it manifested in the landscape. Much has changed since then, techniques, our view of the world, our relationship to landscape. Abstraction has been added to the equation and much more diverse media are at our disposal.

Artists in this show have endeavored to deeply immerse themselves into the landscape and try to find the spirit within it and bring it to expression through light, texture and color.

Chanticleer  E-Newsletter — March 2020

In this month's newsletter:

  • March calendar of events
  • Detailed event listings

Hilma af Klint Opening Reception 

Friday, March 6, 2020
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Lightforms Art Center
743 Columbia Street
Hudson, NY, 12534

More information here

The Esoteric Botany of Hilma af Klint
A slide show and talk with David Adams Ph.D

Sunday, March 8,
Lightforms Art Center
743 Columbia Street
Hudson, NY, 12534
(Exact time TBA in next few days)

In addition to her realistic paintings of plants, the unique Swedish artist Hilma af Klint used a variety of plant-related symbols in her celebrated abstract, spiritually inspired paintings. Some of these have complex histories in the development of esoteric traditions, such as her Tree of Knowledge series, while others, especially from the 1920s,  are completely original and based on her own meditative practice or her own clairvoyant spiritual-scientific research, such as her three notebooks of research into the spiritual, emotional, and therapeutic qualities of many species of plants, which she donated to the Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. This slide lecture will survey this artwork, with special attention to the paintings on exhibition.
by David Adams, Ph.D. Author and teacher of art history at colleges and art schools for 30 years.

(Image: The Aura of a Plant Seed - 1922, Hilma af Klint)

Walking the dog Theater and Nikita Productions will present

William Shakespeare's As You Like It
this summer, 2020, in Harlemville, NY,
as part of their annual Shakespeare in the Village program.

Director: Melania Levitsky

Auditions: March 14
from 1:00-3:00 pm
in Harlemville, NY

Contact: Melania Levitsky at (see our E-newsletter)

Dates: June 15 to July 26
The production will take place in Harlemville, NY, in the performance hall of Hawthorne Valley School.

Rehearsals begin on Monday, June 15.
Performances are: July 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.
All actors will get an honorarium from box office proceeds.
Rehearsal schedule is TBD.

Chanticleer  E-Newsletter — February 2020

In this month's newsletter:

  • February calendar of events
  • A report from the branch coordinating group
  • Information and invitations to two new study groups.
  • Detailed event listings

***Please also see below, a few announcements related to the  topic of vaccine mandates and medical freedom. These announcements did not make it into the printed Newsletter, due to space restrictions. -

Medical Freedom

There is a lot of new and  impressive momentum in Columbia County for efforts towrads engaging the conversation around promoting medical freedom and opposing vaccine mandates. Here are a few related events:

A Public meeting
Friday, Jan. 31st at 6:15 pm at the Hudson Public Library with Rita Palma
Contact Stu Summer for more information... see below.

* * *


Creative Writing, Deep Listening & A Voice Within — A workshop with Matre (Matt Sawaya)

Spoken Word performance & Workshop Introduction
All are welcome

FEBRUARY 1 & 2 10 AM - 2 PM
Living Language Workshop
Cost: Sliding Scale, $0 to $120 (For entire weekend)
18 years old and up

Bring your own lunch or buy something in Philmont
Enrollment is limited to 8 people
For information and to register

January Announcements 2020

NEW Study Group

a study group: Rudolf Steiner's epistemological works
starting with "Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's Worldview"
continuing through "Truth and Science" and
finishing with the "Philosophy of Spiritual Activity".
Meeting WEEKLY
if interested, contact Robert Stewart (See inside link)



Chanticleer  E-Newsletter — December 2019 & January 2020

The link above will bring you to the brief E-Newsletter, within that E-Newsletter will be a link to show you the actual Chanticleer for print and reading, which has the full Calendar and listing of all events, and whatever articles or other special announcements appeared in the month.

In this month's newsletter:

  • December-January calendar of events
  • Lightforms Art+Spirit grand opening announcement
  • A brief progress report from the branch coordinating group
  • The Foundation Stone Meditation as The Being of Isis/Sophia.
    ~ By Bill Trusiewicz (part 1)
  • Detailed event listings

Please excuse us for any omissions. And please accept that there is no preference being given to what initiatives are receiving space on our website, but rather reflects what is readily accessible to the volunteer that is making an effort to make local events and initiatives more accessible to friends of the Berkshire-Taconic Branch.

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Dear Readers,

I often receive emails that people are not getting the E-Newsletter.

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About the Anthroposophical Society

The Anthroposophical Society has branches all over the world.  The society is an association of individuals interested in a clear understanding of the spirit, both in the great universe and in the human heart, and interested in bringing this understanding into practical life and relationships.  The society is not a theoretical undertaking, it is a pursuit into deeper experience of the greater world and human life.  Recently, Bodo von Plato, a member of the leadership in the society, expressed these two guiding stars of the society as follows-

To conceive of human relationships as actual spiritual life, to know, to experience spiritual reality concretely in these relationships and then to learn how to work with these realities, this is a central motif of the Anthroposophical Society...and this is connected with the very heartbeat of the anthroposophical society, the idea of the school of spiritual science, and the relationships with concrete spiritual beings that this school implies.  Once again, this is not a relationship to some abstract  spiritual world, it is a relationship to concrete spiritual beings that such a world consists of.

-Bodo von Plato
prior member of the council of the International Anthroposophical Society

A weekend gathering dedicated to the study of Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom in Harlemville.

The Home of the Branch

The Berkshire Taconic Branch, as the name suggests, is a branch of the international society that is growing in the area that straddles the line dividing Massachusetts and New York among the Berkshires and the Taconic Hills. 

The Branch Newsletter

The branch puts out a newsletter 10 months of each year called the Chanticleer.  The Chanticleer contains articles, art, poetry, announcements, a calendar and news relevant to anthroposophy, mostly contributed by members from our area.  This newsletter is an important aspect of the branch that helps us develop community awareness. 

Recently, our Newsletter has been expanded beyond its printed 8 page, black and white layout, to include a monthly E-Newsletter. You may subscribe to the E-Newsletter above on this page.

To subscribe to the printed version of the Chanticleer, or to contribute an article, ask a question, or leave feedback about the Chanticleer, please contact our editor, Ella Lapointe, using Contact Us.

Branch Activities

Our branch hosts a monthly meeting where anthroposophy is studied and discussed.  The branch also organizes, sponsors and hosts lectures, conferences, performances, art exhibits and festivals.  The Berkshire Taconic region area is full of initiative and activity inspired by anthroposophy.  These initiatives include waldorf schools, bio-dynamic farms, adult education inspired by anthroposophy for teachers, artists, scientists, therapists, social workers, Camphill Communities a congregation of the Christian Community and more.  The national society's Rudolf Steiner Library is located in our area.  You can contact Jordan Walker through this website if you have particular questions.

The School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science which has its center in Dornach Switzerland and is dedicated to research of the spiritual aspects of reality, is also active in our area.  To learn about this school you can call Hanna Kress at 518-325-3648 or John Barnes at 518-325-1113.




Berkshire-Taconic Branch
c/o Caroline Gordon
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Ghent, New York 12075